Working Landlord:

 Working Landlord, Happy Tenants



A careful reviewer has pointed out the following typographical errors in the first edition of "Working Landlord". Please report any other errors using our Feedback form.

Page 121 - two of the formulae in the spreadsheet example are incorrect.

  • The formula in cell N7 should read =N6+1 not =M6+1
  • The formula in cell O7 should read =N7/52 not =M7/52


The 2005 Budget announced an increase in the low-value asset threshold, whereby minor items may be 100% tax deductible in the year of purchase. This change came into effect for items purchased from 19 May 2005.

Page 100 - the last paragraph and footnote therefore need updating.

  • The figure "$200" in the last paragraph should now read "$500"
  • The figure "$200" in the footnote should now read "$500"

October 2006: The Kiwi Property Investor monthly magazine (Page 153) is no longer published and its website now leads to which is operated by the New Zealand Property Magazine (Page 154).