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Documents from WorkingLandlord, Happy Tenants and Mr Landlord, Mr Fix-it
The files listed on this page are excerpted from the books. All apply to residential tenancies in New Zealand. These documents can be printed out using Adobe Acrobat®, available free from Adobe Systems Inc.

  • Tenancy Application Form (2 A4 pages, 40 Kb pdf) - updated 2011
    Every property manager needs a form like this one in order to make an informed choice when selecting new tenants. You need responses to every question asked, as well as the applicant's signed approval to carry out a credit check. The usage of this form is discussed in pages 54 through 59 of Working Landlord, with the addition of fields for email addresses, driver licence numbers and card versions (useful for proving identity in credit checks), and permanent residency.
  • Rent Status Form (2 forms on an A4 page, 12 Kb pdf)
    This form (not described in the book) is useful for advising tenants of the state of their rent account, i.e. their paid-up-to date. It is not an official receipt, so mainly applies in cases where tenants pay directly into your account. There are two forms per page for paper economy. They are designed to be folded at a crease mark in the margin so that the tenant's address appears neatly inside the window of a standard DLE business envelope. I use a lot of them, but do not retain carbon copies.
  • Rent Review Form (A4 page, 14 Kb pdf)
    You are required to advise the tenant in writing of any change to the rent, and give 60 days' notice (if the rent is being raised). Retain a carbon copy on the tenant's file. See pages 82, 83 in Working Landlord.
  • Termination Notice - given by Landlord (A4 page, 15 Kb pdf)
    A landlord can give 90 days notice without revealing a reason, or 42 days notice if the place is sold unconditionally or if you require it for occupation by you or a member of your family. Strike out the option that does not apply. Refer to page 85 in Working Landlord.
  • Termination Notice - given by Tenant (2 forms on an A4 page, 14 Kb pdf)
    A tenant can give 21 days notice, but few will give it in writing. Keep copies of this simple letter with you to use in such cases to confirm the tenant's decision. Refer to pages 87 and 88 in Working Landlord.
  • Tenant References - in singular and plural (2 forms on an A4 page, 14 Kb pdf)
    Like me, you might never use these samples, as a form-filled reference will not carry much weight. However, the wording might give you ideas on what to write when a tenant requests a reference from you. See page 91 in Working Landlord.
  • Exit Checklist (2 forms on an A4 page, 21 Kb pdf)
    Handy forms to use as prompts when meeting outgoing tenants. Some things are your concern, others are for the tenants to do. See page 89 in Working Landlord.
  • Spot Removal Guide (A4 page) - added 2011
    A handy guide to removing spots and stains on carpets and mats. See pages 52 and 53 in Mr Fix-it.

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